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Appalling! Aliens do mating experiments on humans (2)

The Yin man was once again struck down by a strong light. According to the testimony of the family, when the two of them fell, they were surrounded by a strange aperture, and the aperture, like the pulse of UFO, was synchronized with the light of the pulse. In fact, seven, because of the role of this light, the two people from the big tree fainted, the beginning of this period of time to ask the “memory” to eliminate.
That lost the “memory” about an hour later by Professor A.J. guebhard UFO research survey efforts of the de Matos brothers were “hypnotic”, which makes the “memory” to recover – Kidnapped experience also revealed to the world.
Was brought into the UFO to just one Jo Cereno, first of all, to the “medical room” to accept the “physical examination”, but with the front “abductees” experience is different, there is a tube shaped device worn on his penis, take a small amount of semen. Then, to a woman, “almost no difference with the earth”, she came over Josiah Reno, made him excited, in a mandatory “sexual intercourse”, telepathically, Jo Cereno was told:

The ten major extraterrestrial intelligence events that shocked the world in 2016!

1) the Arctic deep-sea discovered “alien” figure
In May 19, 2016, two marine geographers said they had photographed human monsters in the deep waters of the Arctic ocean.
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It is understood that the two geographers in March 6th last year from a small submarine into the Arctic Ocean, Greenland Sea, and on the road using video cameras for video recording.
By accident, their Camcorder had recorded a mysterious creature on the glass window behind it, beating the glass and then moving quickly.
By watching video playback, they found that the monster looked like an alien in a sci-fi movie. Like human beings, it has five fingers, but it has webbed fingers.

The aliens in the earth was captured military insider exposure:

Have aliens ever been to the earth before? Have people really been hit by alien spaceships?.
In 1987, 7 scientists who visited Zaire, Africa, unwittingly broke into an isolated ancient tribe and found that tribes were not the same as ordinary people. After spending some time together, they were surprised to learn that they knew much about the solar system.
After further contact, tribal talent revealed an amazing secret. It is said that more than 170 years ago, a Mars spacecraft came here for asylum and lived with the natives.
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After further contact, tribal talent revealed an amazing secret
In 1977, a best-selling book “the Sirius mystery” mentioned in the generations living in West Africa is actually the Dogon Sirian descendants. They were in the early 40s to the world a detailed description of the Sirius Star, and the star until 1970 completely exposed its true colors.
A Mars spacecraft came here for shelter and lived with native natives

Aliens are enslaved? The pilot found a surprising secret area 51

For a long time, the United States Nevada and Hollywood Area 51 mysterious sci-fi blockbuster has “indissoluble bound”, whenever mention it, and always UFOs and Aliens (UFO) with the above. Recently, the UAV into the guarded area with a pilot, to explore the truth to 51.
According to the British “mirror” reported, according to official data, 51 is the United States Air Force base located in the Nevada desert, about 83 miles from Las Vegas. Is the United States military stealth technology, but also U2, SR71 and F117 spy plane blackbird stealth fighter development.

The ironclad details pile up mountain high! Women have been exposed to the birth of extraterrestrial children

Whether or not aliens exist, the question remains inconclusive. Although the exploration of outer space now leads to the idea that “once or there is life beyond the earth”, human beings are still unable to answer this question with certainty. Of course, the earth appeared on the alien rumor is mostly one-sided It is often seen., however, we are also flattering. However, recently the two beauty but to the feet of dirt, one of them even himself with the alien species, are drawn to show the world.
Bridget Nelson, a 27 year old female sales executive from the UK, recently presented a set of sketches depicting some weird babies.
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Nelson recently presented a set of drawings depicting some weird babies
She claims to have been alien to aliens and mated with them and gave birth to several babies.
But while he insists he has a baby with an alien, the child is not on his side. She claims that the child has been living with the alien father, but will return to earth every few years to see her. “Aliens don’t want to take their kids. They just want to develop more high-quality hybrid people through research.”.

See? Africa 2 billion years ago reactor

One day in 1972, the Republic of Gabon the Oklo uranium mine found a long stop operation of the nuclear reactor. According to the determination, the ore age was about 2 billion years ago, and the operation time of the nuclear reactor was 500 thousand years.
It is commonly believed that only nuclear reactors have been built on earth”. However, in the Oklo uranium mine, the French engineer Bo Tiquis found a strange situation. He made an analysis of the minerals here, which surprised the scientific community.
A conventional analysis of a uranium isotope of uranium 235 in uranium ore shows the results are extraordinary: 235 of the natural uranium is less than what he measured in the past. The data show that billions of years ago, these uranium ores had long been burned, that is, they have been used.

The reason why aliens did not succeed in the 5 human extinction was this

Scientists believe that aliens are widespread in the universe, and that if these aliens want to destroy humans, they will never succeed. The separation of a planet is like a time and space, and the climate and environment are different. Our environment is like a world described in fantasy novels, which makes it difficult for aliens to destroy human beings.
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Scientists believe that aliens are widespread in the universe, and that if these aliens want to destroy humans, they will never succeed
Scientists believe that at least five times the extraterrestrial hands of the earth, as far as the fifth biological extinction, nearly second world wars, can find traces of aliens. These aliens made fifth biological extinctions, and after the extinction of most living things, they found that the earth was too hot for their instruments to stop working here.

Alien base? Google Earth found Chinese version of 51

The Google Earth found something strange in the middle of the desert in China. (40.458779,93.313129)
A circular structure that looks like a Stonehenge, with three planes parked in the middle, but the runway is completely out of sight.
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A circular building that looks like a Stonehenge, with three planes parked in the middle
This movie is uploaded by Thirdphaseofmoon to their Youtube channel, in the film they jump back to see this area 2005 appearance, found four aircraft, is now more than a! This may be lost aircraft discarded?
Could this be the lost ground for the plane?

Dying puliao: Canadian officials to visit the area 51 UFO

Heller, Canada’s former defence minister, is keen on the study of aliens and claims to have witnessed the arrival of aliens on earth.
Brantford city in Ontario province of Canada (Brantford) aliens exposed (Citizen Hearing on ET citizen hearing Disclosure), Canada, former Secretary of defense Heller (Paul Hellyer) said, from an unnamed former director of emergency management of nervous system diseases, had an amazing story about.
She claimed to have seen evidence of alien visits to earth, he revealed in alien civil hearings, broke the amazing story, but did not mention the names of the parties and the exact time. I have already died and former director of the interview, he visited the United States of Arkansas, Langley, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asked him whether to see the alien spacecraft, flew him to 51, let him go inside the spacecraft to observe, record and so on.

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